Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn dead at 89

RENOWNED Russian stand-up comedian and part-time author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn passed away on August 3. Author of several books exploring the light-hearted side of Russian life at the beginning of the last century, he was best known in that country for his marathon stint as President of the Stalin appreciation Society from 1945 until his unofficial exile in the 70's. Solzhenitsyn worked as a General's scarf until 1965 when a friend smuggled a Lenny Bruce DVD to him in a goat. He was so profoundly affected by Bruce's laconic style of humour that he quit his job (after a six year proce...

Le temps detruit tout

I think you know what time it is...

Saturday morning's alright too

Woke up, had a coffee and a cigarette. Made the kids pancakes for breakfast (the real ones - not those pissy little flap jack things....more like a crepe really, but a bit heavier i suppose), had a cigarette. Hunted out some Pink Floyd and Kinks album covers (because WMP is not as intuitive as Microsoft would like to think), had a cigarette. Planted some violets in a hanging basket (gee, maybe i'm a homosexual!), had a cigarette. Sat down to post to my blog.........having a cigarette!!!

And so it begins

The bitumen outside the window is a glossy post-rain black. Waning gibbous above me. It's 12:11 am and I should be in bed, I've got work in the morning - looks like i'll have to do it with 3 minutes sleep and half a bottle of scotch in me. I want a surprise. I want something exciting - life changing - to happen. I am lost. I am blogging for a hobby. This, I think, says it all. I don't DO stuff...ya know? I just don't do enough STUFF.